The Buzzards & Hawks of Loch Lomond

Morag – The Common Buzzard

Often mistaken for a Golden Eagle, the buzzard is a lot smaller but still second in size to the large predator. The ability to soar and glide leads individuals to “wish” an eagle sighting. The buzzard has rich brown plumage and light brown under-parts. Easily recognised because of the forward swept wings and effortless gliding.

Jess – The Goshawk

One of the true Hawks resident in Britain, the other being the Sparrowhawk. Can be up to the size of a Buzzard. Easily identified by it’s fierce appearance, bright orange/red eyes, and distinctive white “eyebrows”. The short wings and long tail provide exceptional manoeuvrability in dense woodland.

Aggro – The Red Tailed Hawk

The Red-tailed is the largest of the hawk family, one of the fiercest, and make extremely good hunting hawks. Upper-parts are normally dark brown with light under-parts, usually with a dark band on the belly. The Red-tailed is easily recognised in flight due to the distinctive russet red tail, with a black terminal bar. An extremely powerful bird, the slow wing beats can propel this bird to great speeds.

Inca and Ash – The Harris’ Hawks

The Harris’ Hawk is easily identified by the chestnut, white and black feathers, with a distinctive white band on the tail. The Harris’ Hawk is very intelligent, a quick learner, and has a forgiving nature. The ideal falconry bird and an accomplished hunter. Can be extremely vocal if hungry or annoyed.

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