The Kestrels & Falcons of Loch Lomond

Hinto, The American Kestrel:

American Kestrels are pale when seen from below and warm, rusty brown spotted with black above, with a black band near the tip of the tail. Males have slate-blue wings; females’ wings are reddish brown. Both sexes have pairs of black vertical slashes on the sides of their pale faces.CHar

I am ashamed to say, I looked back at the photos and was unable to tell these two apart.

Charlotte – Lanner Falcon:

The Lanner falcon is about the size of the Peregrine falcon, but has longer wings and tail, and a slimmer body, so it appears less squat. The Lanner has rufous napes and crowns, with white colouring on the under-parts. The under-parts are streaked and spotted with brown or black. Heads have narrow black caps and two stripes below the eyes.

Airth is a Peri x Prairie Falcon:

The Peregrine falcon is the fastest creature on earth, reaching speeds in excess of 200 mph, (320 kph). The Prairie falcon is larger, but slower. These hybrid species provide the best features of each individual species, a fast large falcon with both strength and stamina. Colour established at maturity.

Gerry (4)

Gerry, Gyr x Saker Falcon:

The Gyr falcon is the largest of the falcon family. Their colour can range from dappled white to almost pure black.

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